Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Review - Bambino Merino Baby Sleeping Bag

Bambino Merino sell a range of sleeping bags and sleep wear made from 100% New Zealand merino wool.

Rochelle was inspired to launch Bambino Merino following the unexpected premature birth of her son in 2005.

Aware of the dangers of overheating and concerned about the health of her special care baby, Rochelle quickly discovered that breathable natural fibres are preferable to synthetic alternatives.

When dressed in garments containing polyester her son became sweaty, hot and uncomfortable. It was then Rochelle decided to create a range of natural baby sleeping bags and clothing – all made from breathable New Zealand merino wool.

Now I love sleeping bags for babies, BG never liked to be swaddled when she was born and we found that she would kick her covers off, so a sleeping bag was a good solution and she sleeps in one every night.

I was sent a Bambino Merino sleeping bag to test and review. I was sent baby one which fits from 2 months to 2 years!!

Its huge, which is what you want from something that should last you 2 years! Its very very soft me and OH couldn't stop touching it. What I like the most is that the zip is at the side then there are poppers over the shoulders and at the armholes so they can be adjusted (BG didn't need the arm holes done up!). We have a few sleeping bags with zips at the front and I find them hard to get BG in a zipped up without her screaming at me

BG hasn't screamed once when we've put her in this sleeping bag in the last week . The good thing about the top poppers is that you can kinds drop her in the bag them do it up.

Would you like to see a pic of BG in hers? Of course you would, silly question

Another good thing about this bag and the merino wool its made from is that its suitable for all seasons, so you don't need a different one in the summer and winter, which means you don't have to buy lots of them, yay save some pennies!!

It washes well and can be tumbled dried but at low temp, but dries really quickly on the washing line or a clothes horse.

The sleeping bags come in two sizes 2-3months to 2 years and 2-4 years.

The babies ones are £49.95 (but they do last up to 2 years and can be used all year round) and the toddlers one is £59.95

They are running a special offer on the baby sleeping bags at the moment, buy 2 for £89.90, see here for more details

Bambino Merino also sell swaddle wraps, pyjama's (which I've got my eye on) that are available for pre-order ready for September delivery, all made from the same wool. Plus body suits and hat, see the site for the full range

Would I recommend a Bambio Merino sleeping bag? Yes I would, they are a little more expensive then some other bags but I think they are worth the money, especially since they can be worn year round no need for different togs, I do worry about how hot or cold BG gets.

Now I'm off to see if I can get one made in mummy sizes!

NM x


  1. I wouldn't mind one myself either LOL!! They look so snug! - great review....

  2. Thank you, she really does love it!


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