Thursday, 6 August 2009

Review - Pampers Golden Sleep

For those of you that read my New Mummy blog you will know that me and my OH have been really lucking with BG's sleeping. She started sleeping through the night from 9 weeks!

Well its ended! The last few weeks have been a nightmare she's been waking in the night, being a mare to settle and waking up at 5.30!! This does not make mummy a happy bunny.

Now we kinda have a routine at night but its not great and OH made a rod for our back by letting her fall asleep on him! (Grrr git)

A lovely lady sent me a Pampers Golden Sleep pack full of goodies, these goodies included a taggie blanket, a lullaby CD, A guide to Golden Sleep and a huge sample of fabric conditioner.

Now Pampers have added a new Golden Sleep logo

"The Golden Sleep logo symbolises the outstanding dryness performance of Pampers nappies, thanks to the inclusion of a unique Extra-Dry Layer™, and is featured on packs of Pampers Baby-Dry nappies, Pampers Active Fit nappies and Pampers Easy Up pants"

So I had to try them!! Now being a Huggies mummy (sorry Pampers!) I was wary trying a new nappy, we got the Active Fit nappies as BG is very active now and they work really and kept her dry at night (she does wee a lot!). I now have a two lots of nappies to choose from!

Pampers have put a lot of effort into researching sleep so they can introduce the perfect nappy, they surveyed over 50,000 mums across Europe and enlisted the help of Professor Gregory Stores

Pampers have set up a Golden Sleep forum on their site, on there you will find 12 Golden Tips From mums and 12 Golden Sleep Tips from Professor Gregory Stores

The last week we have tried to make bed time a bit calmer (have been using the lullaby CD), and trying to get BG to self sooth, (its going to be a long journey) she is settling better and sleeping through the night again (until she starts teething again), we just need her to stay a sleep a bit longer, it was 6 am this morning so getting better

Now starting tomorrow (sorry!) the Pampers Golden Sleep Train will be visiting three major cities to help mums and dads get their babies 12 Golden Hours of sleep!

All aboard the Pampers® Golden Sleep Train!
Next stop the perfect night’s sleep

New interactive event for families will be touring the UK
helping parents to help their babies enjoy up to 12 hours of Golden Sleep at night

Calling at: Westfield Shopping Centre, London Friday 7th – Sunday 9th August
Trafford Shopping Centre, Manchester Friday 14th – Sunday 16th August
Silverburn Shopping Centre, Glasgow Friday 21st – Sunday 23rd August

If you can't make them (like me) then visit the Pampers site for my advice and info

(Psst if you join the site they send you money off coupons!! )

I hoping that this new calmer night time routine keeps working!

PS : To provide UK parents with help and advice that will get their babies to sleep better, Pampers is giving away 100 Limited Edition Golden Sleep Kits. Winners will be randomly selected. To enter the contest, complete quick 5 minute survey here
Last date for receipt of entries is September 25, 2009

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