Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Maternity Lingere up to a K Cup!!!

This for you lovely ladies that are looking for maternity bra's, I know it can be a real chore to find something comfortable but pretty, plus if you are looking for the larger sizes there are hard to come by. Well look no further Elizabeth Wells not only has some gorgeous lingere but in sizes up to K cup!

I'll let them tell you more

We've found that ladies struggle to find maternity bras past a D cup, don't even bring lack of beautiful undies into the equation!

Fortunately as an independent business we listen to our customers, ask questions & take their details. When we found our maternity supplier we could inform all our lovely mummies to be that finally they could have not only a bra that came big enough, but also in a really stunning design!

The Black Cherry bra is getting a great response & it has cute shorties to go with it.
We chose our supplier after comparing several brands.

The name of our boutique is important & we do not want to stock items that don't do their job properly! Our maternity lingerie offers not only great fit but great design features that ladies can take for granted: wider straps, a thicker band for extra security, anchorage & support. A clip that easy to undo with one hand. Material that does not irritate.

Other items we have are the feeding tops (integrated bra) - great during or post pregnancy. Ideal for the birthing bag! Give immediate easy access for breast feeding with out having to fight through outer clothing & display your stomach & undies to the world!
the seamless feeding bra - stretches with you through maternity & back again when you've had the baby. It also has feeding clips. We recommend ladies have at least a couple of these as its great to have something that you know will feel comfy in!

Our other best sellers are our knickers that come in packs of two! bikini pant super comfy, stretchy at the leg & waist. The over bump kinckers can be folded down & used as support knickers!

Hope all you mums and Mums to be can find something for you!



  1. Thank you for the post, you have always impressed, keep posting here!

  2. Great tips and useful advice! Love the underwear


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