Thursday, 15 October 2009

Maternity Lingere Research - Have Your Say!

Womama have designed a range of lingerie for Spring Summer 2010, and we'd love to hear from UK mothers to see if you'd like our product to be available here.

Womama was born in New Zealand, the name being inspired by the wonder and excitement of becoming a parent.

The range is designed to make women feel beautiful and more confident with garments that are feminine, graceful and above all comfortable.

All our bras are fashioned with an organic cotton lining and come in 2 shapes - Evolve & Balcony. Evolve is a fuller cup bra (up to F cup) and can be worn every day. It is designed for mothers who seek support and comfort with nursing functionality.

The Balcony style is a classic design that will make any mother to be or nursing mum feel special and elegant. This design is available up to a DD cup. We don't go up to a K cup at present, as this is a new range so until we have a better market share we have to concentrate on the core sizes, but larger sizes are in our future sights!

We do, however, offer lingerie that is both pretty and feminine, yet practical and comfortable. Our products are produced to a very high standard and are designed to wear well and last.

All feature a flat seam against the nipple to reduce the risk of irritation and have one handed maternity clips.

Our bras are likely to retail at £35, our matching knickers at £15 and our nightie at £59.

Please do let us know what you think of the range as we'd love to hear your thoughts!

What's your favourite design?

What do you think of the price?

What cup size are you?

What lingerie do you normally buy and would you consider Womama's range instead?

We look forward to hearing from you

Emma Dexter, Womama UK Pearl





  1. Maternity lingerie is often so unappealing, but this looks great - like it will support you but pretty too.

  2. It all looks lovely but am very disappointed that you're not making bigger sizes. I honestly don't know anyone who wasn't at least an E cup while breastfeeding - I'm normally a DD and while breastfeeding my first was a G and with my twins was a K so until the bras are available in bigger sizes they're not going to help me (or the majority of mothers I know).

    Also, the bra I wore to absolute death while breastfeeding was the underwired one by Anita. Given how unattractive you (or at least I) felt while breastfeeding, not having my boobs round my tummy button made a big difference! So if there's an option on underwiring, I'd definitely be in favour - and provided it fits properly it doesn't inhibit milk production or flow (I fed my twins for six months exclusively so I must have been doing something right!). Sorry to be a bit negative, but there it is...

  3. I'm currently a 36J with another two months to go before I pop, so obviously until much larger sizes can be provided, I won't be buying. I also think £35 for a bra and £15 for a pair of pants is incredibly steep price wise and there is no way on earth I'd ever spend £59 on a nightie! Being a mum is expensive enough as it is without shelling out on all the bits for yourself that go with it.

  4. Lovely range of maternity underwear, it has given me some inspiration to buy!!!!!!


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