Monday, 9 November 2009

Review - What Every Woman Ought To Know by Contance Mortimer

What Every Women Ought To Know by Constance Mortimer is a self help book with a difference love and lifestyle tips from yesteryear.

This book is a collection of letters from newspaper’s and magazine over a 100 years ago and is hilarious!

I love these kind of books, it’s not to be taken seriously so is good for a giggles but also gives us an insight of how Women behaved in the past. Some of the advice given will make you cringe and your toes curls and laugh out.

There are 11 chapters in this book, Love, Beauty, Fashion, Exercise, Health, Home Hints, Cooking up a treat, Big Boys Don’t Cry, Etiquette, Make Do and Mend and Odds and Sods.

I am very grateful that we can laugh at some of the advice given in here, because if it was given today there may be uproar.

Here are some of my favourite pieces in the book:-

Woman’s Wisdom - Being an Ideal wife means listening to all a man says, and never saying anything that you expect him to listen to – Reflections Of A Bachelor Girl by Helen Rowland, St Louis Post- Dispatch 10th September 1920

How can I firm my bust?

Practice the deep breathing exercises I have often given, and learn to breathe deeply at all times. Bathe the bust with very cold water every morning for at least 5 minutes and massage them gently each night with this cream:

Lanoline                            30 grams
Oil of sweet almonds      20 grams
Tannin 3                           ½ grams
Oil of rose                          6 drops

Hebe’s Helpful Beauty Advice, Baltimore American, 25th September 1910

(It hasn’t worked yet!!)

This is a great Christmas gift; it will defiantly bring some entertainment and giggles. It’s a book that you can nip in and out of with a cuppa and a biscuit and it would brighten your day.

I highly recommend getting this book, I haven’t laughed this much in ages. I shall be buying my sisters a copy of this!

What Every Woman Ought To Know by Constance Mortimer is out Tuesday 10th November. You can get it from Amazon for £7.69 at the moment.


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