Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Thrifty Christmas - Homemade Flavoured Olive Oils

This year I'm trying to save money on gifts as I'm sure a lot of people are, so I've decided this year to make some presents my self (This could be dangerous).

One of the things I am making is flavoured oils, my family likes to cook and every year I buy them lots of foodie stuff but it costs a fortune so here is my guide to homemade oils.

You will need -

Olive Oil - Mild is better as it will absorb the flavours better

Bottles for the oils - You can used old glass bottles or buy new ones. I got got some gorgous oils bottles with pourers from my local 90p store. Have a look around charity stores.

Flavours for your oils- I'm using rosemary as I've got loads in my garden and chilli. But you can use most hard herbs or  garlic.

Stopper, lid or pourer for the bottles

To Make -

Wash the bottles and sterilise them. If you have dishwasher that should be enough, if you are washing by hand, rinse well them place them on a baking sheet and put them in a low oven to dry.

Add the flavour to the bottles then pour over the oil.

Seal and place in a dark, cool place.

This is best done month before you need them.

And thats it! You can make labels for them and personalise them anyway you like.

Cheap and quick to do!

Ikea do a gorgeous bottle with a stopper for £1.99

Have fun making your oil, if you are looking for more thrifty ideas then pop over to Violet Posey's Thrifty Chrismas.



  1. I think the bottles look beautifull, great idea

  2. Thanks they were my bargain, so proud of them

  3. Great idea. Lakeland have fab bottles too - kind of like those Grolsch ones with the metal and ceramic closure. I'm making my brother chilli vodka this year as he's a bit of cocktail legend. Apparently you can put vanilla pods in vodka as well which sounds rather yummy! Oh and don't forget raspberry vinegar - lovely as a salad dressing xx

  4. What a great idea, I know I'd love to receive one of these - fantastic! Thanks for posting xx

  5. I di that one year. `grew my own chillis and made olis. `blew everyones heads off!

  6. Liz@livingwithkids- Thank you

    English Mum - Vannila Vodka sounds yummy

    Liz@violet posy - Thanks hun and you're welcome x

    yummymummytips - Lol!

  7. loving this, thanks! Might do a couple, only 3 days left!

  8. They look great! I love those bottles! Thank you so much for linking!


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