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Review - Winter Wonderland at The Tamworth SnowDome

In the new year I will be launching a new blog called Midlands Mums. This will be a blog for Midlands Parents by Midlands Parents, with places to go, see, shop and eat. We've been fortunate to be offered a chance to review some events before the blog launches, so I have decided to post the reviews on here as they are Christmas Shows.

This first review is by Keira, she describes her self as Mum of one (Sam, age 2) with one more on the way. I live in Birmingham. Creator of Mamascarf, breastfeeding scarf allowing mums to feed discreetly, comfortably and stylishly in public

So here is her first review of the Winter Wonderland at the Tamworth Snowdome

I was very excited to be invited to Winter Wonderland at the Tamworth Snow Dome with my family for the opening night. My little boy Sam is 2 ½ and this was our first Christmas event of the year and we also took along his little friend Sonny who is the same age. We were wrapped up warm as per our instructions and I actually had the boys in waterproof trousers (good move!).

We arrived at the Snow Dome and had to wait for about half an hour which wasn’t ideal with 2 little ones but soon we were allowed into the snow. It is a big area with an ice skating rink in the middle, it’s filled with snow (actually quite deep snow) and lined with Christmas trees and other festive stuff. There are lots of wooden sledges for you to pull children around and there are slopes (not v steep)with rubber rings to slide down on. It looked great. Unfortunately the boys were not so impressed. Within about 5 seconds one had lost his welly and had a soaking wet sock (resulting in a trip to the car for a new pair) and the other had removed his mittens and fallen in the snow and was crying because his hands were cold. Great! Things soon improved though and they had a sledge ride and a play in the snow.

From here we were taken into a theatre and were treated to a Sooty and Sweep show with help from 2 enthusiastic young presenters worthy of CBeebies. There was plenty of audience participation and the boys were mesmerised. I was amazed that Soo actually sounded like I remembered, surely it wasn’t the same person!? Father Christmas also made an appearance on stage (unfortunately this was the only time we saw him).

From here we moved onto the animals, which was great. It was done out in a stable style with various animals in pens. There were chipmunks, pigs, donkeys, rabbits, sheep and my favourite the reindeer. The pens were quite low so all ages of children could see the animals. There was also a big sleigh where you could have your photo taken by the machine and pay for it on keyrings etc. There was a wooden hut that you could look through the window of and was filled with toys, this was Father Christmas’s house. I must say I was a bit disappointed as I thought every child would get to meet the man himself as it would have been Sam’s first time.

On the way out we were given chocolate lollipops for the little ones and adults were given a heart chocolate (would have liked the lollipop myself!). Overall it was a really enjoyable few hours (the brochure quotes 1 ½). It’s not cheap, full price tickets are £16.95 (dates 5th,6th, 12th, 13th, 18th-24th Dec) and saver tickets at £12.95 (dates 1st-4th, 7th-11th, 14th-17th Dec) but where else do you get real snow, reindeer and entertainment in the Midlands!

More info can be found at or for tickets telephone 08448 000011.

It is open until 31st December and booking is advised. Opening times are 9am-9pm daily.

Thank you Keira for that great review!
Look out for our Flat Stanley Review coming soon

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