Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Review - The Owl and The Pussycat Chilled Baby Food

It’s time to hold my hands I say “I’m not the perfect parent” and not matter how hard I try sometimes I can’t live up to my own standards. When I first started weaning BG I made all my own food for her, and very pleased I was with myself. A freezer full of little coloured cubes gave me great satisfaction and still does! However on day trips out when I didn’t know where we would be stopping for lunch so I didn’t know if they would heat her food, I started use pouches. Big mistake as BG liked those better then Mummy’s cooking and not matter how much I tried to copy the recipes it wasn’t the same and it became easier to give her a pouch or pot and of course I feel like a terrible mum for not giving her homemade food.

BG now being 13 months is off the Jars finally and back to mummy’s homemade food, just in time for me to find this great range of fresh baby food! The Owl and The Pussycat Chilled Baby Food Company Kindly sent me some of their range to test on BG.

We tried their new savoury range Sweet Potato with Chicken, French Beans and Coriander, Tomato and Celeriac Risotto with Cheddar Cheese, Parsnip with Beef and Apple.

Unlike jarred and ambient baby foods which have been heated to very high temperatures to sterilise the ingredients, the organic food selected for the Owl and The Pussycat dishes have been gently steamed to preserve the fullness of flavour ensuring that each dish tastes and smells delicious and fresh.

All Owl and The Pussycat meals are certified organic by government approved inspectors, Organic Farmers and Growers. The new range of chilled baby food is based on the classic bedtime story by Edward Lear with the famous title characters featuring on the packaging. The chilled weaning food is being launched by a small family run food business, based in rural Wiltshire – Sally, Simon and Sarah are the people behind the new range.

Each pack of The Owl and The Pussycat chilled baby food contains two individual 100g pots (priced at £2.79) and can simply be heated in the microwave or on the hob before being served. 

So the most important question was did BG like them? Well of course she did mummy didn’t make them, what did surprise me was that her favourite was the Tomato and Celeriac Risotto with Cheddar Cheese. To me it looked like lightly cooked scrambled egg (sorry!) but she lapped it up. I do have to say that BG is too old now to be eating from these pots, she needs both 100g pots to fill her up and even though the texture is great they are too smooth for her. However for younger children then are ideal, if you need a quick meal for your baby and hate the idea of jars then these are for you.

They are suitable from 6 months and are available at Ocado and Waitrose.

For more information on this range then pop along to their website.


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  1. Hi NM, I do like to pop by to see what you're up to, even though I'm a long way from being a new mummy! (11 years and counting!) I wished these had been around when D was a baby, when you talked about the flavours, I was fairly sure I'd had something like them in a reasonable class of restaurant!


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