Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Review - Ecover Concentrated Non-Bio Laundry Liquid

Last year I did a review on Ecover Cleaning products, well this time I’m reviewing their new Non-Bio Concentrated Laundry Liquid. 

Ecover have extended their laundry range to include two effective and ecological concentrated laundry liquids: Ecover Concentrated Bio and Ecover Concentrated Non Bio.

The formulas for these products were put under the microscope by the Ecover scientists and after months of development Ecover has produced what they believe to be the most efficient and ecological concentrate on the market.

Everyone knows the environmental benefits conventional concentrated laundry products provide e.g. reduced packaging, reduced CO2 emissions in transport and less water used during the production process. But, the biggest impact cleaning products have on the environment is what happens after they are used. So Ecover have worked hard to create concentrated Laundry Liquids which have much less impact after you’ve used them. Additional environmental benefits of Ecover’s new concentrates include: 

No optical brighteners
Minimum aquatic toxicity
Fast and complete biodegradability
No phosphates

As should know by now, I’m desperately trying hard to be green, which can sometimes be hard especially when it comes to products that will be used on BG. 

I’m really careful with the washing liquid I use on BG’s clothes especially now she had eczema. The Ecover Concentrated No-bio didn’t irritate her skin at all.

It smells quite strong in the bottle; you really get a hit of the lavender they use, however once the clothes are washed its a gentler smell which is really quite pleasant, especially on my towels as I don’t use fabric conditioner on them (blocks the fibres and makes them hard)

It worked really well on stains, BG is quite a messy eater and refuses to wear a bib, it also removed Sudacrem from a denim dress with no trouble what so ever. 

I got 21 washes out of the bottle as it claimed to (yes I made a note, I am that sad), a 500ml bottle costs £5.69 so that’s 27p a wash, which personally I don’t think that’s too bad. I know you can buy cheaper laundry liquid, but for me that’s not enough we also have to think about the impact we are having on the environment. 

I would defiantly buy this laundry liquid myself, its gentle on BG’s skin, it washes the clothes well; it gets out stains and smell nice.

Ecover Concentrated Bio and Ecover Concentrated Non Bio can currently be bought from Waitrose. 

To make your Spring Cleaning a little easier, Ecover have put together some tips on greening up your spring clean and the best Ecover products to use. 

Unsavoury smells? Save money on artificial air fresheners – open windows to freshen your home or try Ecover’s Room Fragrances range which are based on plant extracts and essential oils instead.

Stale smelling laundry – make the most of the spring weather and dry your laundry outside for a truly fresh fragrance

Blocked drains? To keep your drain clear and odour free, mix one cup of baking soda and one cup of salt in a container. Every so often, tip a quarter of the mixture down the drain (save the rest for later) and follow with a pot of boiling water.

Smelly fridge? Remove strong odours from your fridge by placing half a lemon in there and leaving it in over night.

Greasy microwave? Try Ecover’s new Power Cleaner 

Dirty kitchen bin? Use a solution of water and a teaspoon of Ecover’s chlorine free Laundry Bleach (RRP £1.82). Swill, leave for a while and rinse for a gleaming finish.

Blocked shower head? Try a few squirts of Ecover’s Limescale Remover; leave overnight and rinse in the morning

And finally…don’t think you need a different cleaner for each task. A good All Purpose Cleaner like ours can be used for all washable surfaces including floors, tiles and painted woodwork.

For Ecover's full range click here 

Happy Cleaning


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