Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Win The Greatest Holiday In The World With Radisson Blu Hotels

Last week I was fortunate to travel to Germany, a trip I will tell you more about next week. However what I can tell you is that I stayed in the most stunning hotel I have ever been to.

It was the Radisson Blu in Frankfurt and as you can see below it is a fantastic looking building from the outside.

And I must say it’s just a great inside!  The room I had was really lovely; it was a good size and the beds where comfy.

The bathroom was my favourite, with a window by the bath so you could look into the bedroom and watch TV while you had a soak. It was a shame we only stayed one night.

One lucky person can win the greatest holiday in the world with Raddison Blu Hotels and it’s so simple.

Radisson Blu Hotels is holding a once in a lifetime competition in which the winner gets 365 hotel nights to spend at over 200+ Radisson Blu  hotels over a 5 year period

Entering is simple as all you need to do is tell Radisson why you deserve to win! You can also upload any pictures or videos to help support your claim. Visitors to the Radisson site vote for entries, and the most entries by the July 24th win the grand prize, it is that simple! Note: You must be either an EU citizen, or a citizen of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland to participate to enter this competition. But anyone can vote!

In addition to the main competition there are also Creativity Awards. - Every week the Radisson Blu Team will select up to 10 winners among the latest entries. Winners are selected based on humour, creativity and originality used to present their stories.

Creativity Award winners get a special badge for their candidate page and a special prize from Radisson Blu.

But more importantly, the Creativity Award will also raise your profile, giving you more visitors – and hopefully more votes. See this week’s awards

Well what are you waiting for?

Good Luck to all that enter


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  1. Useful yes definitely, the hotel looks amazing and its refreshing to know that its not a hotel where the entrance looks grand and then you get up to shabby bedrooms that need some good TLC. Now if you can just tell me how to win the comp so I can visit it for myself ... ;)

  2. Ah this post yes was useful especially because it was nice to get your own insight in the Frankfurt one... nice one!! :)

    So I am taking part in the competition. Please any votes are welcome:

    And here is my FB page:!/pages/Nadias-Greatest-Holiday/132686803415675


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