Thursday, 29 July 2010

Review - Boppy Nursing Pillow

I was recently sent a Boppy nursing pillow to review, now I know what you’re thinking BG isn’t a baby anymore, it’s OK I have breastfeeding friends that helped me review it.

This is what Boppy say about their pillow:-

Boppy is a NURSING PILLOW for infants that assist moms all around the world. Used to help the mothers during the breastfeeding, Boppy has been named the #1 baby product seven years running IN US.

The pillow is designed to guarantee maximum hygiene and safety. You can even customize Boppy to suit your own personal style thanks to a wide range of slipcovers, colors and patterns.

When it first arrived I thought, I wish I had one of these when BG was born. I really struggled with holding and feeding after my c-section and would use pillows for her to lay on so we were both comfy.

However after taking it out of the packaging and trying to put it around me I realised It would fit properly, it’s not ideal for larger women which is a huge design flaw in my eyes.

The pillow its self is nice and firm and my friends (who could get it around them) found it comfortable and supportive when feeding their child. They liked that the cover comes off and goes into the washing machine and pillow can be washed as well.

The Boppy can also be used a prop for your child when they are more stable and are starting to sit up by themselves, it can also be used for tummy time which is a great idea. BG was quite a sickly baby so I couldn’t put her flat on her tummy so this would have been ideal to prop her up slightly so she could be on her tummy.

You can purchase the pillow with or without a cover and there is a nice selection of covers to buy. The pillow is £49.99 and the covers start at £12.99, it is quite expensive so I’d suggest you give it a try first to see if it suits you, there are available at Mothercare.

Boppy have a game over at their site called Moms Revenge, which is supposed to help dispel myths about breastfeeding and educate, it’s quite funny pop over and have a go.

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Would I buy it (if I was having another baby) no as it wouldn’t fit around me comfortably, but give it ago yourself.


Please not that all opinions stated are my own those of my reviewers.


  1. Was thinking about buying one of these but my ever expanding marternity waist could be an issue once baby arrives!

  2. Glad it wasn't just me who couldn't get it around them! lol

  3. Its such a shame as its a great product otherwise

  4. I've got one of these and so far its been really useful. As the baby hasn't arrived yet I've been using it for myself at night to get comfortable, and it works a treat.


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