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Review – Nuby

Nuby sent me a bumper pack of products to review, so of course I enrolled the help of BG, and I also sent some bits to my niece B who is 1 to help us
Nuby make a whole range of feeding equipment including bottles, cups and spouts and teething products. I have bought Nuby products in the past and what I like about them is not only are they practical but they look really good as well and they have a product for every step.

So this is what BG tested:-

Super grip Bowl £3.99

This is a great bowl; it’s designed to fit either the left or right hand, ideal for weaning but also great for toddlers. BG’s self feeding as really come along using these bowls, the higher sides actually make it easier for her to spoon her food out. It’s great for both meal times and snacks; she tips less out when she uses these bowls. They wash really well, no staining, they are a nice bright colour, durable and BPA free.  They are also microwavable safe.

Super Sipper™ Insulated Cool Sipper™ £3.99, suitable from 15months

I have to say these are not my favourite cups in the range, they look fab and keep the drinks cool and BG finds them easy to drink from but I find they leak. The cool sip lip is supposed to stop leaks but because it works on a Touch Flo system which means as soon as you touch the spout the drinks comes out, when BG drops it or leaves it on its side or on the sofa it leaks as soon as it comes in to contact with something, I keep finding puddles of water on the floor.BG also pushes the rubber top in with her fingers. It’s a good cup to take out with you.

Sports Sipper £3.99 suitable from12 months

Love this cup, it’s easy to grip, non spill and non leak.  We were sent a small and large cup and BG really took them quickly. The large one is ideal for BG as she like to drink quite a lot so It means \i have to fill it up less time. I like that the lid and valve is all in one so no fiddly bits to take out and wash. This is one of my favourite cups in the range.

Convert-a-cup™ £4.99 suitable from 6 months.

This is a great cup as it can be used for all four drink stages - Stage 1 First cup with handles, Stage 2 Beaker with Spout. Stage 3 Open cup drinking with handles, Stage 4 –Open cup drinking, no handles. We are currently working on stage 3 and its going really well, only a few spillages. BG has no problems using this cup and it’s been an ideal cup to help with that next step.

Overall we found the Nuby products to be of good quality and they were easy to use and BG liked them

Would I buy them? Yes, I have in the past and I will in the future

My niece B and her mum tested these:-

Super Sipper beaker, £3.49 Suitable from 6 months.

My sister used these to move B from drinking from bottles to cups. B took to them really easily and enjoyed drinking from them. My sister found that the lids came off a bit easily and B worked it out and now takes it off. The spout is difficult to clean and sometimes stained but she found if she sterilised them. Overall she was happy with the beaker and was a good for the first step drinking.

Twisty Bugz™ teether toy, £4.99, suitable from 3 months

B really loved this, it’s a great toy to play with and is ideal for a teething baby. It’s really bright and has quite a boy going on. It twists, clicks, rattles and shakes. Great for keeping your baby occupied at home or out and about.

IcyBite Hard/Soft Keys, £3.99, suitable from 3 months

These where great when B’s gums where sore, she loved to chew down on them.  They are filled with  pûrICE™ which stays cooler longer than the water filled ones, so all you to do is pop them in the fridge. The keys are also textured which helps sooth the gums.

Overall my sister liked the products especially the teethers.

Would she buy from Nuby? Yes

Nuby products are available online at Nuby and Tesco’s


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