Friday, 29 October 2010

My Toyologist Tea Party

I decided to hold a little toyologist tea party so I could get some other mums view on toys, plus it was a good excuse to have a coffee and a chat while the kids played.

I invited 5 mum but only 2 could make it in the end which actually turned out perfect for us. My friends Nikki and her son N came and also and Carly and her daughter BB. That made 3 children all together when you add BG and that was the perfect number.

Toys R Us sent two boxes of toys for us to try out and the kids had a field day.  They played, had a few biscuits and got on really well, it was a lovely morning.

This is what we tested

A firm favourite with both the children and the mums. The foam desk takes no time to put together, is really light weight and best of all no mess!! Children use the special Aquadoodle pen that you fill with water to draw on the double sided mat. Your child can remove the top and have it on their lap to draw. All 3 children loved this table; we had to make them take turns! BB took it home with her and she still loves playing with it.  Both parents were happy with the price as they could that it would last a long time.

Iggle Piggle comes with PJ’s that you can remove and out back on, a lantern, his blanket and a goodnight story. The aim of this Iggle Piggle toy is to help children with their bed time routine, they can get ready for bed together.  All 3 children knew who Iggle Piggle was and had a play with him but the other toys were more inviting, they liked the lantern the most. However N took Iggle Piggle home and he takes him to bed for him. He has a spot in his cot and he shares his drink with him, so a success. The price is little higher than they would like.

This is a really lovely little game, you make sounds and actions as the animal cards are revealed. All 3 children where a little too young to play the game properly, so we said an animal and they point it out on the cards and made the noises. It looks really good and when they are older it will be a great game. BB took this home with her.

This was a big hit with them all. The table needs no assembly, the legs hideaway so it can be easy stored. The Bloks are kept under the building plates so you don’t need storage for them. It comes with 20 Bloks and they include arches and a car. The building plates on top create a driving track so the car can go be pushed around and under the arches. This gets the thumbs up for both the children and the mums. This went home with N, lucky boy!

The treehouse is quite easy to put together, it all clicks into place. You wind the handle and the Weebles move up a conveyer type thing and then they go down the slide, were they hit a button at the bottom they either plays a tune or the Weebles talk. There is also a door in the treehouse with a little room behind it and a swing at the top. It comes with two Weebles. This was the most popular toy and they were practically fighting over it, we had to keep rotating them. BG really , really loved this so we kept this one. At first I thought £29.99 was a lot of money for this toy but BG plays with it every day since we’ve had it. It is by far her favourite toy and I have even bought another Weeble toy from a charity shop to go with it.

We had a fantastic morning, thank you Toys R Us.



  1. awww love the pics :-)

    Thanks for the great toys and morning...Soraya still loves them and the Old MacDonald game she spends ages with matching all the animals still...she loves it!

    See you soon x

  2. Looks like you all had a good time! Lucky kids taking the toys home :-)

  3. thank you so much for a lovely morning, and for N's presents! He is a very lucky boy! He now insists on giving IgglePiggle a kiss before bed! :0) xx


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