Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Review - Brother Max Bath Toys

Brother Max makes innovative children products that are designed to make parents life easier.  Founded by Jonathon Gold who used to design cars, bikes and washing machines, he decided to focus on a range of products for parents when he became a father himself.

Brother Max has a range of feeding and bathing products including highchairs, cups, food portioners and bath toys.

BG was sent a set of 5 bath toys to test, the set includes a flexi brush, sprinkler cup, ring rattle, sponge stamper and twister flannel.  The toys are BPA free and have colour changing spots on them that turn yellow if the water is too hot.

I’m really lucky that BG loves having a bath and likes it even better with toys. She likes to play with all but her favourite is the sprinkler cup. They look really cool and sturdy. They a nice a chunky making them easy for BG to grip. 

The twister flannel can be washed in the washing machine; the other toys need to be hand washed.  You have to make sure that you drain and squeeze all the water from the toys or they can get smelly.

I like these toys, they are different from the usual ones you get and they encourage cleaning and play.  BG gets to play and gets clean at the same time, it’s a win, win situation.

They are expensive for Bath Toys, they cheapest I found them is for £16.40 on Amazon
They would make a lovely gift, maybe a first birthday present.

Would I buy it? Yes, If it was a little cheaper.

You can purchase a smaller set of 3, which includes the sprinkler cup, ring rattle and twister flannel for £9.99.

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