Monday, 29 November 2010

Music Review – CBeebies Song Time CD

If you are a parent to a toddler then you may have seen CBeebies from time to time, not that we watch it a lot. I mean BG doesn’t know the theme tunes or what’s coming next *ahem*.

Ok, Ok we love CBeebies in this house, BG’s favourite show is Something Special, she adores Mr Tumble and has picked up some sign langue which I’m really impressed with.

We had a lot of fun reviewing the new CBeebies Song Time CD. When we’re not watching TV we like to play and do crafts and we always have music on in the background. BG likes to have a boogie!

This CD is packed with 50 with songs from CBeebies shows including Waybaloo, Postman Pat and Something Special. They are mostly theme tunes which confused BG to start with as she thought the TV programme was on, but once she understood it was coming from the CD player she really enjoyed the music.

It will drive you crazy after a while like most children’s CD but it’s a good CD and will over 50 tracks will keep them happy for a long time.

Would I Buy It? Yes, it will make a nice Christmas Present.

The CBeebies Song Time CD is available now from £8.95 and at Amazon for £8.93.


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