Monday, 29 November 2010

Review - The Winter Wonderland at Tamworth Snowdome

I could quite easily describe the winter wonderland in 4 phrases:

Magical, Breathe taking, Amazing and Cold.

OK so the last word would be obvious but let me explain my other choices.

When you first walk in to the winter wonderland snow play you are straight away whisked into the magical atmosphere. The snow beneath you crunches and sinks below you. LS loved this. I must tell you I found it hard to walk on at first but I found it go easier as you go on, if you don’t wish to walk on the snow there is a wooden path which goes around most of the trail. There are lots to do in the snow play/trail.

There is a place where you can go sledging down a snow hill and other smaller snow humps situated further round the trail. LS was too small to enjoy this but from what I saw everybody else was enjoying the fun, also there are sledges around the trail which LS did attempt and she loved it.

Further around the snow trail (going left) you will find a couple of fantastic photo opportunities, the first is a family of polar bears and further round a Santa’s sleigh filled with presents. 

On your way round the trail you will see sign saying “Look out for the Yeti” well I must say you’re not likely to miss it as just further round the trail you will find a huge statue of a YETI! (Another photo opportunity).

Just past the yeti you will find your back at the start of the trail and you have to go back to the yeti to find the Winter Wonderland theatre, which is where you go next.

Now if I’m honest the show was the part I as least looking forward to mainly because I didn’t think LS would enjoy it, boy was I wrong. She loved it. As soon as the Basil Brush theme came on she along with all the other children where dancing and clapping and getting really excited to see what was next. When Basil Brush and he two assistants “Billy and Cindy” came on her eyes were glued to the show. It wasn’t just the children that enjoyed Basils show as long with myself a lot older members of the audience were laughing at his silly jokes and funny antics. My favourite part of the show was when Santa came on and got the audience involved in a panto style shouts, this for me made it feel more Christmassy.

The final part of the day was going to see the animals. They had rabbits, chickens, goats, donkeys, pigs and Reindeers YES Reindeers! You could pet some of the animals such as the rabbits and even the reindeers, we both enjoyed this. The rabbits were LS favourite. There was also place for you to have your photo taken in a sleigh which was great! We got a very lovely picture what you think?

There were 100 if not more lovely Christmas trees all around the trail covered in different coloured lights, I liked the blue light as they were jut lovely. Some of the trees where surrounded by large candy canes and other Christmas decorations. The best tree was a huge tree covered in blue light situated upstairs with the animals, it reached right up to the ceiling where it blending amazingly with the light on the ceiling, it really was I think breath taking. It completed the night beautifully. Overall it is a great family experience and I would definitely take LS again.

I would like to also mention the lovely free gifts from the wonderland, which were a free picture of us on the sleigh, a Thornton’s chocolate, and also a lovely Basil Brush teddy. 

Thanks Danii & LS

This review was written by Danii who write at Yummy Mummy Sausage and You Want My Opinion.

The Tamworth Snowdome Winter Wonderland is open now until the 31st December.  Prices start from £12.95 and under 2s are free. Visit their website to check availability and book your tickets. 

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