Friday, 12 November 2010

Toyologist Review 5 – Baby Alive Baby All Gone, Crayola Wonder Magic Light Brush and Tomy Mr Colour Maker

I can’t believe we have had 5 boxes of toys to review so far!! We haven’t been greedy and kept them all, some have gone away for Christmas presents, some have been given friends and other donated to our local toddler group, there are only so many toys a girl can have.

This is what was in box 5...

Baby Alive Baby All Gone, suitable from 3 years, £19.97

Finally a doll I can be around! Baby all gone is a cute baby, that you feed banana’s to. She makes feeding and drinks sounds, and other noises. She comes with a bowl, spoon and magic drinking cup. You can undress and dress her. BG really likes playing with Baby All Gone, she’s loves the spoon that you fill with banana’s from the bowl and then they disappear when you feed her looking like she’s eaten them.  Baby All Gone and been dragged around everywhere and has been given lots of cuddles.

She doesn’t look to realistic which is good for me as the more realistic a doll the more scared I become. This is a great doll, with plenty to do and actually quite a decent price for a interactive doll.

Would I Buy it? Yes.

Crayola Wonder Magic Light Brush, suitable from 3 years, £19.99 (currently £14.99)

This must be one of my favourite items we have received; it makes both me and BG happy. BG can paint to her heart’s content and there is no mess!! Basically the paint is clear and when it goes on the special paper it turns colour, it only turns colour on the paper nowhere else.  This set comes with a magic brush that you hold over the pots and it glows to show you what colour the paint is. BG prefers to use her fingers and that’s fine as it makes no mess!! Sorry did I already mention that. BG does get slightly carried away and use big globs of paint so I’m sure it will run out soon but I will be on the lookout for refills. The Wonder Magic range also has pens and finger paints.

Do you like BG’s pictures?

Would I Buy It? Yes, no mess!!!

Tomy Mr Colour Maker, Suitable from 2 years, £24.99 (currently £19.99)

I was really disappointed with this toy. The idea is that your child learns about colours with Mr Colour Maker, he comes with 3 small paint pots and paint brush. You tip the pots in to Mr Colour Maker and he glows that colour and tells you what it is. He will ask your child to tip a certain colour in or create a colour with two of the pots and using the paint brush to mix (note there is not actual paint involved). It has 3 modes play, sing and learn, however you can choose what mode your child wants to play with. BG played with it for 10 minutes and hasn’t gone back to it since, it just doesn’t hold her attention and she loves learning her colours. It’s very quite so you can’t always hear what he is asking, maybe that’s the problem.  A big thumbs down for us.

Would I Buy it? No

Look out for review 6!!

If you want to be a Toyologist yourself, Toys R Us are running a competition on their Facebook page to become a Toyologist for Christmas and get up to 60 toys!!

All you have to do is become a fan on their page and then tell them why you should be a toyologist. Think outside the box, use video or use pictures to show why you should be chosen over everyone else, for full terms and conditions click here. Ends 21st November


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  1. Love the look of the Magic Paint Brush! Can you bring it in for me to have a quick look at on Weds? Sure my older boys would love it and would answer the problem of BB making a mess learning to paint, but would love to see it myself!


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