Wednesday, 1 December 2010

New Mummy’s Tips Is Looking for a Cybermummy11 Sponsor

I was very fortunate to have attended the very first Cybermummy this year; I was even a crowdsourced speaker. I would love to attend next year and would like a sponsor to help me do so.

What I would like;

Ideally I would like the following to be provided for me by my sponsor.

My Ticket – £80
My Train Fare – £37.30
My Hotel – £95

Total – £212.30

In return the sponsor will benefit from the following;

Banner or Text Link placement in sidebar from now until 1st July 2011 – £240

Blog Feature on New Mummy’s Tips (an entire post dedicated to sponsors product/service) – Value £80

Links in every post relating to the Cybermummy event on New Mummy’s Tips – Value £60

Link in a Cybermummy post written on Become a Mumpreneur – Value unknown

Sponsors hashtag in all tweets re. Cybermummy event – Value Unknown

Badge (tasteful please!) to be worn by New Mummy at the Cybermummy event – Value Unknown

Total £380 +

If you would like to be my sponsor for Cybermummy please contact me to discuss. 

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