Monday, 6 December 2010

Review – Tonka Chuck and Friends Stunt Park

I don’t who know was more excited about receiving the Tonka Chuck and Friends Stunt Park from Hasbro BG or OH! There were a lot of “oohs” and “ahhs” when it arrived. We decided to put it away and put it together when BG was in bed so she could play in the morning with it.
We unpacked it, which is a feat in its self. Why do toy manufactures make it so difficult to undo? Trust me even out of the box you would notice someone stealing this!!

So once it was unpacked OH ensembled it. He did get slightly confused and it took him a little while to get it together. 

But once it was together he had fun making Chuck zoom around the course.

It comes with one Chuck truck, which runs on battery power. You scoop Chuck up into the garage and then off he goes flip and scooting around the track, which is adjustable. It has some really funny sound effects.
BG enjoyed playing with, though at times she was more interested in Chuck then the stunt park. She didn’t quite understand what she was supposed to be doing; I think she is a little young for it. To be honest it is suitable from 3 years and BG is only 2.  We will be putting it up until she is older.

Would I Buy It? Yes, it’s ideal for a car mad child.

The cheapest I have found it is on Amazon for £19.99


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