Wednesday, 19 January 2011

5 of the Best – Free Exercise Sites/Pages

Its January which means everyone is trying to get fit and save money at the same time. I’ve done some searching for you and found 5 sites with either free videos or great advice on exercise.

I have mentioned this site before when I reviewed the Techno XT but thought it worthy of another mention. Maclaren with the help of Pushy Mothers have put together a collection of exercise videos to help you get in shape while using your buggy.
They are full of advice and give good tips and there are fact sheets with video one.

Here is Session One

This is an American site but it is jammed pack with videos for everyone and every level of exercise, from mini work outs to work out plans. It has lots of tips and advice.

The Guardian is currently running a Get Fit for Free feature.  Full of exercise tips, plans workouts and videos all free to do.  My favourite is the Eight Week Indoor Plan using household items!

The Good to Know site has an Easy Exercise section with tops tips like 10 Ways to Lose your Bingo Wings and get fit with your family.  The features are spilt in to easy steps and bite size information.

I couldn’t leave the men out now could I? So here is fitness site just for men. It has a good selection of workout videos and exercise advice.  

There is no excuse now not to exercise!!


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