Thursday, 27 January 2011

Parent Panel Review - The Switch

In the film, The Switch, Jennifer Anniston (Kassie) plays a no nonsense want-to-be Mum, but because her fast paced career in the TV industry has left her with no Mr Right, she decides (with a flick of her wonderful hair) to go it alone with the help of a sperm donor.  Her male best friend, the slightly neurotic ‘Wally’ - played by the adorable Jason Bateman – objects, but headstrong Kassie does it anyway.

The partnership between the two lead actors, I felt worked really well and very quickly you could see the strong bond and magic that Kassie and Wally had together as a couple.

But when their lives began to move in opposite directions and with different relationships it was frustratingly watchable!

It was funny and sweet at the same time and although somewhat predictable in places, it left you with a warm and uplifting feeling inside.

Seeing Jeff Goldblum and Juliette Lewis on screen was also a bonus; they played supporting roles as Wally and Kassie’s respective best friends.

I would give this film a definite thumbs up.  It’s a feel good film to watch with a glass of wine and a good box of chocolates…although you may not want to indulge after seeing Anniston’s (as always) toned-to-perfection body!

 The Switch is available on DVD and Blue-ray now 

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