Monday, 24 January 2011

We All Need a Bit of Pampering

Just before Christmas I spent the day at Champney’s Spa in Leicester. It was the most amazing pampering I had ever had, it wasn’t cheap but my god is was heaven. OH bought me a gift voucher pre BG and finally 3 years later I used it!!

Spa and beauty treatments are often quite expensive but it’s nice to have a treat once in a while. Whether you’re a mum, dad or just work hard being pampered can really recharge the batteries.

I have recently been introduced to a great site called Wahanda

This is how they describe themselves:

 Wahanda is a health, beauty and wellness ecosystem. In our ecosystem, you’ll find comprehensive listings of spas, salons and health centres all around the globe. You’ll also find a big pond of knowledge - everything you need to know about treatments, classes and therapies. So, if you’re wondering where your nearest spa is, whether to wax or shave, what to eat before yoga or maybe you’re just curious about colonics, at Wahanda you can gather together a scrapbook of everything you need to know and all the exciting spas and clinics around the world you want to try out.

It really is a wealth of knowledge and offers,  from 2 for 1 spa deals to discounts for hairdressers.

It’s a great site for treating yourself or others.  With Valentines and Mother’s day coming up soon, you could win lots of brownie point for arranging a bit of pampering. And if you’re not sure what they will like you can always buy them some Spa Gift Vouchers, though hopefully they won’t leave it as long as me to use them!!


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