Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Parent Panel Review - Flexibath

Product: Flexibath

Price: £23.99 - £29.95

Suitable from: 0 - 4 years

Initial Reaction: Loved the idea of this as we don't have much space for a normal baby bath in our house and it was easier than trying to lean over the bath. The choice of colours is great and there is one to suit every taste.

       Easy to store
       Easy to empty
       Has soft strips along the joins which means its comfortable for little ones
       Can be used from 0-4 years and accommodate two children so has a long life span
       Comes in a choice of colours
       Shape means it doesn't splash around as much as with a conventional baby bath
       Great for taking on holiday/visiting relatives

       It costs more than your average baby bath but if you are short on space and are buying to use for the full 4 years it isn't so bad.

Value for money? If you are looking for a baby bath that is compact, durable and will last you several years then this bath is definitely value for money.

Overall Reaction: We found the Flexibath easy to use and perfect for the limited space in our house. It was easy to move around and empty and was a pleasure to bathe our child in, we look forward to using with our two children for many years.

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