Saturday, 26 February 2011

Review - My M&M's Personalised Gifts

Product:  Personalised M&M Bags

Price:  from £2.90 each

Available from:  My M&M’s

Initial Reaction:  I love the idea of personalised gifts.  I was sent samples of the Birth Announcement range which is really cute.


  • You can personalise the chocolates with any message (within 16 characters over 2 lines of 8)
  • It’s a unique way to announce the birth of your child
  • Taste nice
  • Looks good


The printing on some wasn’t perfect

Value for money? They are not cheap. A standard 40g bag is £2.90 and the minimum purchase is 20, which is £58. More expensive than a announcement cards. However if you are looking for something different it’s not the most expensive option.

Overall Reaction:  I love the concept, I don’t think I would have birth announcements made but they do a range of personalised gifts from birthdays to wedding favours.   The gift boxes are rather cute and would make a perfect present for any occasion. 

By Carol 


  1. Great review and I agree they are a bit expensive but people do like to spend when announcing something!!

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing some beautiful personalised gifts. These gift boxes are so cute, which are used for birthday party. Thanks a lot...

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