Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Parent Panel Review - Boots Weaning Equipment

Price:   £5.99, 60p, £1.05, £2.54 each, £2.85    
Available from: Boots                         

Suitable from: 4 Months       
Initial Reaction:   I was pleased to receive this lovely bundle. The colours were lovely and bright and I loved the designs.       
Lovely design. Able to use the plate and bowl in the  dishwashers
Baby food and rice cakes use organic ingredients
Bibs covered a large area.           

The bibs were too easy for the baby to pull off himself. 
The cutlery set  is a bit big for a 6 month old. Ideal for an older child.

Value for money?  Food, plate and bowl are good value for money. I thought the bibs were a bit on the pricey side though. 

Overall Reaction:  Very pleased with all of the range that we tried.
Overall a lovely collection of weaning equipment. The colours on the plate and bowl are lovely 
and bright and the designs are lovely. We had the pink set, but I had a look at the boys are 
they’re equally as nice. They have been very hardwearing so far and come out of the 
dishwasher like new.

I found the jar of food a bit too pureed.  It was very runny, but it is suitable from 4 months 
and I didn’t start weaning until 6 months. Brandon preferred the rice cakes with mashed 
banana on.

The designs on the bibs are nice and the bibs are large and cover a wide area on the baby. 
The only problem was that he discovered he could pull them off by pulling until the Velcro 
came undone.

The fork and spoon were a bit too big for Brandon to handle by himself, so we will be keeping 
them until he is a bit bigger.


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