Monday, 7 March 2011

Parent Panel Review - Galt Magic Castle Puzzle

Product : Galt Magic Castle Puzzle 
Price : rrp £8.99

Available from : James Galt and Co
Suitable from :4-8 years

Initial Reaction: My 4 year old Louie was very excited to recieve this as he loves puzzles. He also was very intruiged by the magic patches , these are heat sensitive dark patches which you rub to reveal bits of the picture. I had to absolutely promise him that we would do the puzzle tommorow otherwise he couldnt go to sleep !

Pro's : Its a lovely picture of a mediaval castle with lots going on to look at. It was challenging enough for us to do together but not too hard to be frustrating. I would imagine an older child could do it alone. 

Con's : The dark patches take alot of very thorough rubbing to reveal there secret pictures. This meant it was pretty much impossible for Louie to do it himself which was a little dissapointing.

Value for money : At £8.99 this seems like a reasonable price for a good quality jigsaw.

Overall reaction: A lovely puzzle with lots to look at. However the magic patches need to be more sensitive so the child can rub them for themselves.

By Ella 

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