Thursday, 3 March 2011

Parent Panel Review - Sudocrem skin care cream

Product: Sudocrem skin care cream
Price: around £1.90 for 30g
Available from: Boots and other large chemists
Suitable from: Any age

Initial Reaction: When I was asked to sample a new cream billed as ‘the A-lister’s secret’ I jumped at the chance.  I chuckled when I opened the package to find it was a tube of Sudocrem, but wasn’t overly surprised – my mother-in-law swears by this stuff for just about everything you can think of.  It has been re-packaged as a skin-care product in a handy little tube.  Apparently it is a different product from the one we’re familiar with as a nappy cream (there are slight differences in the ingredient list – I checked!), but to me it looks, feels and smells exactly the same as that which I slap on my daughter’s bottom!
Pros: I was looking forward to trying it out. The cold weather and constant wearing of a woolly scarf had left me with very dry flaky skin around my chin and jaw line.  I had been using my usual moisturiser up to 4 or 5 times a day to try and fix it with no joy.  I applied some of the Sudocrem one night before bed. As you’d expect, there was no irritation, but it is a very thick cream, so did make my face very white.  The next morning I was a bit alarmed to look in the mirror and find big chunks of flaky white on my face, but happily this was just the cream, and once it was washed off, my skin did look improved (I suspect I was a bit heavy-handed in my application!).
After using the cream for 3 successive nights, the dry skin was cleared.  Unlike the other moisturiser I’d been using, it didn’t leave my face greasy, and prone to spots.
I liked the fact that it’s been produced in a tube. If you’ve got long nails like me the scooping cream from a tub can be tricky.

Cons: Because it left my skin so pale, it’s not something I could use during the day, unless you put the tiniest pinprick of a dot on, it’s quite hard to rub it all in.
The tube works out much less cost effective than the tubs of original cream, but it's not an expensive face cream.
Value for money? Overall, yes
Overall Reaction: I’m not convinced that the product is hugely different from the original Sudocrem, but that said it did work well for me. I don’t exactly look like an ‘A-lister’ but at least I’m not reptilian anymore!

By Liz

Sudocrem are looking for your best pictures that show your child (under 3) doing something funny. It may be pulling a face, doing a dance, dressed up as a prince/princess... whatever you like! The prize is a £400 Family Merlin Pass.

It’s simple - just visit, ‘like’ the page and share your child’s funniest photograph with the story behind it.


Content should relate to children aged 3 and under only. Please note, submissions must not relate or refer in any way to the use of Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream or any other licensed medicine. Photographs and supporting text are both acceptable. The acceptance, disqualification or deletion of competition entries, without explanation or prior notification is entirely at the discretion of Forest Labs, as set out in the Terms and Conditions found on   Entries can be submitted up until midnight on Wednesday 16th March 2011. 

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