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The Parent Panel Reviews & Compares Baby Wipes

The New Mummy's Tips Parent Panel have been busy testing 
baby wipes. 

Product:  Johnson’s Baby Wipes
Price:     Around £2.44
Available from: Most Supermarkets & Chemists
Initial Reaction: Easy to get out of the pack, but seemed a bit thin.

  • Lovely scent.
  • Kind to skin.
  • Soft

  • Thin. 
  • A bit on the small side.
Value for money? Good.

Overall Reaction: The wipes have a lovely smell, but they’re a bit thin for wiping up large messes and  I prefer thicker wipes for nappy changes. I did find however, that they’re kind to your skin and perfect for removing make-up.

Product: Mamia Baby Wipes

Price: 85p for a pack of 80
Available from: Aldi
Suitable from: birth
Initial Reaction: When I saw that I’d be reviewing wipes from Aldi, I’ll admit, I was sceptical. Aldi is renowned for being very good value (some might even say ‘cheap’), and I was worried that this would translate into poor quality products.
However, I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve used various baby wipes over the past 2.5 years, from leading brands to supermarkets’ own, and the Aldi wipes were as good as any I’ve tried.

Pros: We tested both the regular and sensitive versions of Mamia baby wipes. I can’t really fault them – they were big enough, strong and thick, and damp enough without being soaking wet. They were embossed with various shapes, which helped in making them feel like a quality product.

The sensitive wipes were unscented and hypoallergenic, which I prefer. The fragrance on the scented wipes was very pleasant, and reminded me of a well-known brand of baby lotion.
As well as using the wipes during nappy changes, we put them through their paces wiping up little spills, freshening grubby hands and scrubbing food stains from clothes – basically the usual daily challenges with two kids under three! I was impressed – they performed just as well as branded wipes, but for a fraction of the price.

Cons: The opening on the sensitive wipes split before we’d reached the end of the pack. At first I was still able to open and close them, but it tore off completely with repeated use, so the last few wipes dried out and were unusable. This was a one-off and obviously wouldn’t happen with every pack, but I think it was due to the plastic seal being thinner than it might 
be on a branded product, so more likely to happen with these wipes than others.

Value for money? Yes. At 85p these are cheaper than my usual supermarket brand, and LOADS cheaper than leading brands. We had a problem with one of our packs, but I’d still consider buying these again as the wipes themselves performed well and it was the packaging that let them down.

Overall Reaction: Mamia baby wipes are nicely packaged, very effective and good value for money. However, I’m not sure they’ll replace my regular brand.

Product: Johnson’s Baby skincare wipes (Extra Protection)
Price: £1-3
Available from: Most grocery stores, chemists
Suitable from: Birth
Initial Reaction: Happiness , smell and look great.


  • Smell lovely 
  • clean bums great
  • protects from nappy rash


  • Sometimes wipes appear a little to wet  
  • The pink package could put off mums of boys

Value for money? Yes
Overall Reaction:  I have been using wipes daily for over 5 years now and Johnson baby wipes have always been my favourite  . I just love the smell and feel of them and i know i can trust the brand. As a baby these were the only wipes i could use on my second daughter as all others brought her out in a rash . These wipes are great for not only bums but little faces and little hands (and give a great shine to a leather couch) . Recommend by us.

Product:  Johnson's baby skincare wipes extra protection
Price:  £1 from boots online (reduced) asda sells 4 packs for £4.50
Available from: lots of retailers
Suitable from: birth
Initial Reaction: a bit squishy feeling.  nice, thick wipes.

Pros: The thickness of the wipes means that I actually use less of them than my usual asda little angels brand.  They easily tackle all types of grubby, and smell nice too.

Cons:  They are more expensive, and you get less wipes in the pack than little angels.  I do like the plastic closure device on little angels too.  There is a slight green residue (see below).  This small but important factor could make the difference in my decision, and knocked a point off my total. (wipes are not just used for bums, you know).

Value for money? As a struggling single mum, I would have to think very carefully about the price, but I am considering switching.  Despite having fewer wipes per pack, less wipes are actually needed.

Overall Reaction: tested over a few days and for a number of different uses, i have found these wipes to be very impressive.  Only two or three are needed for a smelly bum and even the dinner time mess is easily wiped away. 

As an added bonus, I thought that I would try them as a makeup remover.  I wear very thick foundation (for rosaecea) that is not easy to remove and also have a very sensitive skin.  One wipe removed all traces and left my skin feeling soft and not at all irritated.  (Nothing seems to irritate baby's skin, he's a tough little cookie, he must be drinking all my antibodies). 

As a final test, I used a wipe to remove some gravy spilt on a white t-shirt.  It got rid of most of the gravy, but sadly left a greenish residue. 

Product:  Pampers Baby Fresh Wipes

Price: Around £1.80 depending on where you buy them 
Available From: Widely available from Supermarkets and some chemist chains.
Suitable From: Birth upwards. 

Pros: The wipes are lovely and soft, strong and smell gorgeous.Great for soft baby skin and great for mucky hands, bottoms and faces and even the odd mucky teenager in our house. They fitted into our change box very snugly and were less bulky than some of the supermarket own brands. 

Cons: These wipes are slightly more expensive than I'm used to.  The packet wasn't that easy to use one handed  if you don't have the box for the refill pack. 

Value for money: I have to say I loved them, even though they were expensive so do think you get what you pay for with these wipes. 

Overall reaction: I liked these wipes and think if I saw them on offer somewhere I may stock up and use instead of my usual supermarket own brand. I think I'd need to get the dispenser box for them though as the way the packet opens isn't as handy when you'reattempting to change an active toddlers nappy. We had a packet to hand at all times though for using after mealtimes and for sticky hands and faces. A good wipe all round. 

Price: £2.54 for a 70 pack of wipes
Available from: Boots, Mothercare, Tescos, Waitrose and Sainsburys
Suitable from: newborns
Initial Reaction: First of all, I just love the whole ethos behind the Swedish ECO-friendly brand, with even the fuss-free fresh packaging is based on natural and renewable materials.  Naty make a range of ECO friendly products including disposable bags, bibs, nappies and wipes, body products and even sanitary towels!


  • The wipes have a durable cloth-like feel without excessive moisture that is gentle on baby’s sensitive skin. 
  • The wipes are chlorine-free, biodegradable and use natural-based packaging.  Not only are they gentle on baby’s skin but are lovely to use on adults too! 
  • I have using these as a face wipe to remove my make-up before cleansing and my skin feels so soft afterwards, I normally get a tight feeling after using my usual brand of wipes. I, like most busy mums, tend to go through a lot of wipes, and although these are quite pricey compared to my normal supermarket brand, but I feel less guilty about using them given they are natural and bio-degradable!
Cons: Price

Value for money? The only down-side, like most natural products, they are slightly more expensive than my usual brand, but personally I think they are worth the extra few pence with them being eco friendly and kinder to skin.

Overall Reaction:  Are pricey to my normal wipes but worth it in my opinion but the cost maybe off-putting for some parents. I am extremely happy to find these bio-degradable wipes and I hope that other brands will follow suit and become more caring to the environment in future.

Product: Water Wipes
Price: £2.99 for 72
Available from: Amazon, Ocado and NCT
Suitable from:  Birth
Initial Reaction: I saw these at the Baby Show and was really impressed when them. They are 99.9% water. They have no chemicals in them at all. They just contain 0.1% Grapefruit seed extract. A great next step after cotton wool and water.
  • 99.9% Water
  • No Chemicals
  • Clean well
  • Strong wipe
  • Thick
  • No scent at all
  • Nice and wet
  • Gentle on skin

  • Slightly more expensive that most wipes
  • Not widely available yet

Value for money? Yes even though they are little more than other brands I actually used less and they are nice and thick.

Overall Reaction: I really like these wipes. They cleaned BG really well and were soft on her skin. I’m not suggesting these replace cotton wool and water on newborns but they are great next step. Great for really sensitive skin.  Actually great for all skin types and babies.

If you have any baby wipes you would like the Panel to test, please contact Carol at 

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