Friday, 1 April 2011

Parent Panel Review - Chicco Sing Along Airplane

Price: £24.99 
Available from: Amazon, Mothercare,
Suitable  from: 12 months
Initial Reaction: My 20 month old son was very excited when we opened the box to the fun, pull along toy airplane. The packaging could not be removed fast enough! The toy consists of 4 different passengers and their companion, from different cultures – England, Africa, China and Australia.
·    Fun music which isn’t too loud or annoying for parents
·    Interactive features for children to push and spin plus lights and sounds to keep them amused.
·   Often difficult to find a toy that a child under 3 understands that offers stimulation and is safe for them – this one seems to plug that gap.
·   Provides opportunity to talk about who is travelling on the plane and learn about different  cultures.
·   On/off button on the top so gives the child control of switching it on/off
·   Lightweight so lots of “whooshing” and swooping!

·    Toddlers love pull along toys which this is, only thing of note is the pull along cord is a bit short so child cannot stand and pull it along. Still possible to do if sat down or crouching though. I realise this is possibly a safety precaution but I am struggling to find anything negative about the toy!
·    The red button that chances the children/pets is sometimes a little tough for small fingers to press but they soon get used to it.
Value for money? This toy is excellent value for money especially given how much time they spend playing with it.
Overall Reaction: A wonderful gift for a toddler and lots of potential for future use with the cultural element and learning about different countries. Can see this toy becoming a firm favourite in my little boy’s toy box!
By Louise

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