Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Parent Panel Review - Motorola MBP30 Video Digital Baby Monitor with Twin Camera

Product: Motorola MBP30 Video Digital Baby Monitor with Twin Camera
Price: £99
Available from: Argos

Initial Reaction:  Easy to set up, attractive design

  • Lovely to watch baby sleeping
  • 2 cameras mean no need to move base unit around if baby has daytime naps away from cot

  • No temperature monitoring of baby’s room
  • Parent’s unit is quite difficult to stand up, especially when plugged into mains power, which is most of the time as the rechargeable battery does run out after about 3 hours of use

Value for money? Yes

Overall Reaction:    I’ve never had a video monitor before and found it fascinating watching my little one sleep.  It gave massive peace of mind when my little one was poorly as I could see that when he was coughing, he was ok, and went back to sleep without me going into his room and possibly disturbing him more.

The picture is in black and white when the room is dark, which isn’t obvious from the packaging, but is explained in the instruction manual.

My normal monitor does have a temperature monitor, and I really felt this lacking in the Motorola.  This isn’t as much of an issue now my little one is older, but I did use it constantly when he was younger as the temperature of his room has always affected his sleep pattern.
The pleasure gained from watching and listening to him singing in his cot in the morning is wonderful!

By Karen

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