Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Parent Panel Review - Britax Kid Plus Car seat

Product: Britax Kid Plus Car seat
Price: from £88.95
Available from: Kiddicare, Halfords, Amazon  
Suitable from:  4  years 

Initial Reaction: Very padded and cushioned car seat, slightly bigger than average but did clearly look like the Rolls Royce of carseats!

  • Suitable from 4 to 12 years (15-36kg)
  • Very easy to fit with seatbelt
  • Air filled, energy management cushion compress to absorb crash forces (not tested personally luckily but great for safety reassurance).
  • Considering its specification was lightweight
  • 3 adjustable width positions (grows with the child)
  • Height adjustable headrest
  • Adjustable backrest enabling installation in a wide variety of cars
  • 4 year old child looked like a prince sat on his throne – loved it!

  • The seat has side impact cushion technology and hence is wider than the average car seat of its type. My car usually has space for 3 car seats but I would only be able to comfortably get in two seats and a small adult in the middle. However, would compromise this for the additional safety features the seat provides.

Value for money? Excellent for its specification

Overall Reaction:  This really is the best carseat we have tried for this age group (even other Britax models). It provides 360 degree protection for the child yet is lightweight, easy to fit and very comfortable.
By Louise 

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