Friday, 17 June 2011

App Review: EA Games for the ipad

We were recently sent an ipad pre loaded with some EA games to try out. This is what we thought.

Game: Boggle

Tap "Quick Play", shake your iPad to scramble your letter cubes, and the wordsearch countdown begins. Invite friends to BOGGLE with you in a new tabletop experience that features dazzling graphics and a large, immersive board.

Overall Experience:  I got really addicted to this game. It’s harder than you think! You can play as multi players though I got bored what for OH to finish his go as you get 3 minutes to play. It’s simple to use and lots of fun. I hold the record in this house!

Game: Monopoly

Overall Experience:  Great family game. You play and pass the ipad which I really liked. Graphics are pretty good. Only downside is you can’t cheat ;)

Game: Sims 3

Overall Experience: Not quite a family game but enjoyable all the same. I love these types of games and can become rather addictive to them. Great value for money

Game: Scrabble

Challenge friends, anytime, anywhere. Connect with friends on Facebook and play up to 25 games at a time, square off via Pass N' Play, or Local Network Play. Try the iPAD EXCLUSIVE Party Play mode, too

Overall Experience:  We spent a whole night trying to beat each other at this. It’s play and pass game. It has a dictionary which I really liked. Good graphics.

Game: Game of life

Overall Experience: I had never played this before and really enjoyed it. Though I have to admit I didn’t always know what was happening.  It’s a play and pass game, it can get a little bit boring waiting for the other player when they have a busy turn but other than that it’s a great family game.

We have lots of fun with all of the EA games.  Boggle is my favourite and I have purchased it myself for my ipad. We will be buying some more for our holiday in case it rains!

These games are all available from the app store.

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