Monday, 13 June 2011

Budget Beauty Tips For Busy Mums

With the economy as it is it is easy for us busy mums to for go our luxuries but we need not. Having a bit of me time is essential to help us function properly after the sleep deprivation and running around after the little ones.

  1. Vaseline. This is a must have.  You will no doubt already have this in your home and it has a number of uses. Tame stray eyebrows, lip balm/gloss, intense treatment for hands and feet and when used on cheekbones and brow line, adds a dewy effect to your make up.
  2. Foundation. Rather than buying another product to use in the summer months, why not add some of your foundation to your moisturiser to make a tinted moisturiser which is lighter in the heat.
  3. Olive Oil. Great for using as a cuticle oil. Also mix with sea salt or sugar to make an excellent exfoliant.
  4. Nail Varnish. If you find your favorite nail varnish has dried up. add a drop of nail varnish remover and shake and your varnish will be like new.
  5. Baby Lotion. Again you will no doubt have this in your home, you can use this as a make up remover.
  6. Baby Oil. This is again another product you will no doubt have around your home and is a fantastic body moisturiser, especially if used on wet skin.
Hope these few tips help you to give yourself some well deserved me time without breaking the bank!

by Kizzy Bass 

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