Wednesday, 22 June 2011

How to Make eco-friendly Seedling Pots by Lyndsey Young

Today's guest post is a fantastic video tutorial by Lyndsey Young, the Queen of Easy Green. Lyndey is a Mum, an Entrepreneur, Eco-Inventor, Innovator of 'eco-easy' kitchenware products, Green living expert, Columnist and Speaker. 

She was the winner of the Extraordinary Women Awards 2010 (Extraordinary Entrepreneur); finalist for the Mumpreneur awards 2010 best green business and shortlisted for the Barclays Trading Places award and Mum and Working awards.

So it's a great honour she has found the time to share her helpful hints here on New Mummy's Tips.

In this video she shows you how to make free; easy and biodegradable pots for your seedlings so you can grow your own.  Pop over to her website to see more great eco-living tips, or follow Lyndsey on Twitter.

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