Friday, 24 June 2011

Maclaren Travel Bag for Mother and Baby Review

Maclaren Travel Bag for Mother and Baby
Price: £60
Available from:, Mollie Moo 
Suitable from: Birth

Initial Reaction: I was intrigued to see how a brand well known for things like pushchairs could produce a range of bath/skincare products. On opening the bag I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and look of the bottles.


  • All ingredients are organic and natural which is good to know when using on your little ones and yourself.
  • Glass bottles look very expensive and look good sat on a shelf in babies nursery when not in use.
  • Travel bag is made from recycled material and is really soft, it has internal pockets so that you can keep the bottles all safe whilst travelling.
  • The Absorbing Dusting Powder for Baby doesn't contain talc and smells lovely, the lavender and tea tree mix is perfect for drying babies skin as well as soothing.
  • I really liked using the Comforting Room Mist, the lavender is calming and the soothing chamomile and mandarin left the room smelling lovely.
  • After a day chasing a toddler round, tidying and cooking for my family the Alleviating Leg Lotion was perfect for tired feet and legs (even better if you can get someone else to rub it in for you)
  • I’m not normally one for using anything on bottoms as my daughter doesn’t suffer from nappy rash but after a little bout recently the Protecting Nappy Change Balm was perfect for putting on, especially since the ingredients are natural and smell lovely.
  • I enjoyed using the Balancing Facial Mist, it was a quick pick me up after an early start and just gives you a second to yourself to stop breath and relax.
  • Finally the Connecting Massage Oil, although I am no longer pregnant this was a gorgeous oil that I could rub into my entire body including my belly (to help with the stretch marks), it keeps my skin nice and soft and the calming lavender helps me to relax.


  • Glass bottles say on them that if dropped to throw away as glass particles can enter the mist/liquid.
  • Quite expensive, but obviously from a brand that is well known and loved world wide.

Value for money? If you are looking for a special gift for a new mum then it has everything but at £60 it isn’t something I would buy myself.

Overall Reaction: The look and feel of the range is one of luxury and it really looks lovely sat on the side in the nursery. All of the items smell lovely and being organic they are good for the environment and both mine and my babies skin. Overall I have enjoyed using the range and it makes you feel that little bit special.

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