Friday, 17 June 2011

My Dream Bathroom.

I dream about bathrooms, that sounds stupid doesn’t it? When you have a tiny bathroom like mine you would too!

When I moved in with OH the bathroom didn’t actually have a bath, it just had a shower and not a nice one at that!

It was small, dark and a little bit smelly (that’s single men for you).  I wouldn’t mind if it had be nice like these shower enclosures

But alas it wasn’t

I really missed having a bath, so I made OH rip out the shower and install a bath. Now baring in mind my bathroom is very, very small it meant a lot of ‘making things fit’. Which now means my bath; toilet and sink are really close together so they are almost touching!

And of course now I have BG  I really need a shower as its quick and easy but alas there is just no room and after seeing what OH has already done to the bathroom  I won’t ask him to put in a over the bath one! I will just have to wait until we finally move and get a bigger space.
But while I’m waiting I can plan my dream bathroom.....

It would have a free standing bath, right in the middle of the room

Plenty of storage

Heated towel rail

And a big walk in shower

And would of course come with someone to clean it!

A girl can dream.

By Carol 
*This is a sponsored post

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