Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Secret Songs from a Mother to her Child (a perfect gift)

In this post from Becky at Baby Budgeting, she shares her very special idea for a truly unique christening gift:


Some gifts cost nothing but love and these are wonderful to create on those most special of occasions. I have gifted songs to both my children as they were christened.

Secret songs  (Zaire).

The Mbuti who live in the forests of Zaire are considered one of the most peaceful communities on Earth. Mbuti women when pregnant will, decorate their bodies with special leaves and flowers to honour their body, the child within, and the event that has yet to take place. During the last trimester, they also spend time alone in a special spot of the forest, which the mother has chosen specifically for her baby. Here they create special songs, which they sing to their child within the womb. These songs are never sung or heard by anyone else. They are secret lullabies.
My children each have their own secret song that I composed for them when they were christened; they are ‘our’ songs and never shared with anyone.
My son will ask me sometimes, in a whisper, to sing his song to him if he feels the need for some comfort.  My daughter similes serenely when I sing hers to her.
How precious these songs are.


  1. That is such a gorgeous idea!

  2. Thats a beautiful idea. I wouldnt know where to start though.


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