Thursday, 9 June 2011

Tried & Tested Father's Day Gifts - Part 2

ProductLimited Edition “Team Toasties”
Price: £4.99
Available from: Toastabags 

Initial Reaction: Limited edition “Team Toasties” reusable toastabags containing 2 reuseable toastabags, recipe leaflet and free football and England Flag bread stamps

  • Great for a football crazy father’s day treat.
  • Each bag can be used up to 100 times
  • Makes delicious toasted sandwiches in your toaster
  • Can stamp to bread with the toastie stamp either football or England flag for a personalised snack!
  • Toastabags can be washed in warm soapy water or washed in the dishwasher and reused.
  • Can even warm up pasties, burgers, pitta bread, hot dogs and pizza!

  • Possibly wouldn’t work so well in a small toaster or if you have an extra big filling in your sandwich.

Value for money? Yes, good value. Lots of use can be had out of the toastabags for a light snack.

Overall Reaction: Great! Delicious snacks can be rustled up in minutes. Great to keep at work for turning a boring sandwich into a tasty Panini or good for lazy days when you just want something quick and easy.

Product:  Bluebuck Trunks
Price:  £20
Available from:  Bluebuck

Initial Reaction:  They looked well made and felt soft.


  • Comfortable
  • Wash Well
  • Made in an eco-friendly way

Cons:  None

Value for money? Expensive for a pair of pants.

Overall Reaction:  Good pair of trunks

By Carol's Dad 

Price:  £25
Available from:  Sandy Bay London

Initial Reaction:  Looks really nice and smells great even before you have lit it.

  • Unisex scent
  • Good burn time
  • Looks stylish
  • Comes in a glass holder

Cons:  None

Value for money? Average for this type of candle

Overall Reaction: Gives off a great scent and is a great present for both Men and Women. An indulgent gift.   

Product:  The Articulate Gallery - A4 Double Art Frame - £19.99 
Price:  £19.99
Available from:  The Articulate Gallery

Initial Reaction:  Fantastic idea, the frame is for putting your child’s art work in. You can change it really easily.

  • Swap pictures super quick
  • Leaves your fridge free of pictures
  • Protects their art work
  • Looks great on the wall
  • Well made
  • Sturdy

Cons:  None

Value for money? I think this is really good value, you could have a different look every week or day even

Overall Reaction: Great product, such a simple idea. Great gift for Dads and Granddads

Price:  £20
Available from:  all good supermarkets and liquor stores, as well as Selfridges and Harrods

Initial Reaction:  Comes in a great presentation box.

  • Smooth taste
  • Presentation Box
  • Good quality so could be drunk neat if that’s your thing
  • Idea for cocktails

Cons:  None

Value for money?  Good

Overall Reaction: Great gift for all Vodka lovers. Looks and tastes good. 
By Carol

Product:  Kitchen Devils Lifestyle Knife Block Set, Kitchen Devils Control Starter Set, The Kitchen Devils Control Carving Set

Price:  £34.99, £16.99, £17.99

Available from:   Asda, Lakeland, Argos, Dunelm and independent kitchen and hardware stores or go to

Initial Reaction:  Quality sets. Ideal for foodie dads.

  • Good quality sets
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable handles
  • 15 Year guarantee  
  • Light weight
  • Dishwasher safe.

  • Packaging on the control sets are a nightmare to get into!

Value for money?  Great value for money, some items you have to invest in and good knifes are one of them

Overall Reaction: Fantastic knife sets. They are light weight and comfortable to use, which means less accidents (well for me). Love the soft grip handles on the control sets. Great gifts for Dads or even yourself. Makes a great addition to the kitchen. 

By Carol 

Product: My Dad Rocks CD

Price:  £3.99
Available from: Amazon  

Initial Reaction:  Great selection of tracks

  • Great mix of tracks
  • Good quality sound

  • None

Value for money?  Great value for money.

Overall Reaction:  This CD is great for Dad’s that like a bit of Indie music.  Packed full of tracks from Primal Scream, Ocean Colour Scene, The Lightening Seeds and many more. 
By Carol 

Price:  £8.99
Available from:  Find Me A Gift

Initial Reaction:  Looks great and good quality printing

  • Good size mug
  • Printed well
  • Looks great

Value for money?  Good

Overall Reaction:  A lovely gift idea for Father’s Day. You can personalise the front and back. 
By Carol

Product:  Sennheiser MM 450 Travel Headphones

Price:  £219.99
Available from:  Amazon

Initial Reaction:  I have heard good things about Sennheiser so was keen to test them out.

  • Noise Reducing
  • Has Bluetooth
  • Use as hands free kit in the car
  • Controls on the headset
  • Padded ear-cushions
  • Great sound quality
  • Direct cable that includes adaptor for airplanes
  • Comes with travel case

  • Takes a while to set it all up and work initially

Value for money?  It is a lot of money for pair headphones; however I listen to music a lot and travel quite a bit on trains and planes so these are perfect for this. I would get value for money out of these.

Overall Reaction: Great quality set of headphones that can be used for many things.

By Carol's Dad

Product:  100 Hits Dad CD
Price:  £6.99

Available from:  Amazon

Initial Reaction:  A huge collection of great tracks, something for every mood!

  • 5 CDs
  • Split into different genres
  • Good Sounds

  • None

Value for money?  Great value for money

Overall Reaction:  Great collection of music. A CD for every musical mood. 
By Carol's Dad 

Product:- Jabra Freeway

Price    Around £70                                       
Available from:  Amazon                      

Initial Reaction:  I was immediately impressed with the features offered by the freeway, however there is a small price to pay for this, as the Freeway is larger than other speakerphones I have used (115mmx110mmx15mm)

Easy to set up.
Can be paired to 2 devices
Calls can be made completely hands free.
Up to 14 hours talk time
Virtual surround sound.
Automatically turns on when you get in the car and off when you get out.

Larger than some speaker phones
Misinterpreted some spoken commands
Value for money? Good             
Overall Reaction:  The freeway offers many features, however due to it being larger than normal it could be a problem fitting on the smaller visors of small cars. There was only just enough space to fit it on my visor without obscuring the vanity mirror. I found it easy to set up and liked the fact that it can be paired to 2 devices.

The Freeway has worked very well to date, with good sound quality from the speakers and there being no issues with people not being able to understand me. Battery life has also been good.

Overall I would say the Freeway is good value for money.

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