Saturday, 2 July 2011

Book Review - Love You Mum by Gillian Campbell‏

It's taken me some time to read this self help/grow yourself book on being a better mum - not because I am a perfect mum but because I wasn't worried about not being a perfect mum! However, now I've read it I am pleased that I did. 

Subliminally there are definitely things that I feel anxious and guilty about and this book tells you in no uncertain terms that that's ok and then gives you different methods of working out that everything is actually going well. The book is structured around the concept that there are no definitive answers to being a mum (hurrah) but that there are steps you can take to analyse your own emotional signals and work out why sometimes life feels amazing as a mum and sometimes it doesn't. 

At 262 pages, it isn't a quick read but the overwhelming feeling I had when I finished it was optimism, relief that all the things I worry about needlessly are not unique to me and that actually, my way of parenting works and my little girl is happy, confident and loved. 

As I said at the beginning - I wasn't too worried about not being a good mum. Now having read the book I'm even more confident in that role which is a positive and I am now able to spot those little triggers that start me questioning myself, before they become all out disasters.

By Sarah

Love You Mum is available on Amazon for £9.49

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