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Boots Advantage Card – Worth using?

Many stores / retailers have a loyalty card of some sort. One of my favourite is the Boots Advantage card.

Boots is a high street chemist which offers everything from medicine to toiletries, homeware and gifts and (in my opinion) has been one of the best companies for giving back. Here is my break down of the pros and cons of the Advantage Card.

·         4points per £1 spent instore or online
·         A variety of clubs you can join to increase your points such as the Parenting Club which offers 10points per £1 spent across many ranges
·         Points can be used to buy many things across the store as long as you have enough points to cover the purchase ie 400 points = £4 to spend
·         The advantage card is free, there is no annual fee (etc)
·         Local in store shopping events and the Boots Treat Street are great extra ways to gain points (more on this later)
·         You can manage your account online at
·         You can earn points online but need to visit a store with an Advantage card kiosk to “collect” these points.
·         Points cannot be redeemed online.
·         You cannot use points as part payment.

You can get a card by signing up online or in store. If signing up in store you are given a temporary card so you can start earning straight away.

You can manage your account online and easily opt in and out of the many Boots “clubs” all of which offer extra points and offers. You can get more information on the ins and outs of the card and terms and conditions from the Advantage Card page on the website (here).

Boots Treat Street.

I’ve heard a lot about this recently so thought I’d see what the hype was about – and I haven’t been disappointed. You can now earn extra points when shopping with other retailers online. There is a wide choice of “stores” signed up to Boots Treat Street from Ebay to Asos! Again, points aren’t automatically added to your card – after 35 days you can redeem them by inserting your card into a Kiosk machine.  More on Boots Treat Street can be found here.

Does it make a difference?

To me, certainly! Yes, some of the items from Boots are more costly than you can get  in the supermarket but I find that there is more of a selection with Boots and their Basics range is on par with the supermarket. Special offers and selected multi-buys can actually make things cheaper.

My one bugbear is not being able to use redeem points online but I hope that in time this is something Boots will look into.

I tend to save my points up for Christmas shopping (which has taken a huge dint out of the Xmas shopping expenditure) and any left over for the Boots January sale. For us the Advantage card has been, without doubt one of the best and most useful loyalty cards and we really have seen a return.

Nicki Cawood, Busy Mum, Wife, Freelance Writer and Blogger found over at Curly&Candid


  1. I LOVE my Boots advantage card. I typically get all my cosmeticy type stuff from there because the supermarket doesn't offer the same choice. Oh, and you can pay part with points, part with cash if you want to (or at least they have always let me in the past) :)

  2. How have you managed that? Humph, I must start buying more cosmetics lol! I've never been allowed and pretty sure the T&C's say as much. I must suck up to our local staff more :)

  3. I love my boots card but didn't know about using in other places, thanks really useful post x

  4. Sounds like one of the better cards, mind you it would need to be to justify their inflated prices to begin with. Great on offer but watch Boots for regular priced goods.

  5. 2 of the 'cons' will soon go away.

    1) Points you earn online will go straight into your account for spending immediately.

    2) You will be able to spend points online.

    Both of these will be available in 2012.

    You still wont be able to do a part payment - the idea of the card it to trat yourself, so save up those points!


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