Sunday, 17 July 2011

Children's Book Review - The Coffee Table Book for Children - Volume 2

With this book we're trying to encourage children to have fun being imaginative and thoughtful and silly and slightly surreal. We've hand picked some fantastic high quality photographs from Sarah's huge library and we've added some facts, some conversation starters and some straight forward "what do you imagine?" questions. We love the idea of children being empowered by learning through effortless enjoyment.

Price:  £22

Available from:

Initial Reaction:  looks gorgeous. Lovely large hard back book.

  • Amazing Photos
  • Engages Children
  • Great questions

  • A little expensive

Value for money?  It expensive

Overall Reaction:  I think this a great book for children, it’s packed full of pictures and questions. It’s a great book for sitting down with your children going through. It also looks great on your coffee table. BG enjoyed the pictures and would ask questions but at 2 ½ hasn’t got the real benefit from it yet and is still heavy handed so it will go up for now until she’s a little older.

Ideal book for a raining day. 

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