Saturday, 16 July 2011

Children's Book Review - I Am a Parrot by Simon Mayor and Hilary James

Children will delight in following the story of a parrot who just loves to say things twice! Humorous text and illustrations are complemented by the entertaining accompanying song that children will love to sing along with!
Price:  £4.49

Available from:  Top That Publishing

Suitable from:  3+

Initial Reaction:  Great it comes with a CD!

  • It’s very funny
  • Comes with a CD so you can sing along
  • Illustrations are good
  • Kept BG entertained

  • The song can get a little annoying

Value for money?  Yes

Overall Reaction:  BG insisted the CD be played over and over again which a little annoying but at least it engaged her. She really liked this book. It is very funny and entertaining. 

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