Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Out, About and Things to Do - Drayton Manor

Drayton Manor is situated in Tamworth, Staffordshire and consists of a general theme park, Thomas Land for the younger children and a Zoo.  We took a family trip there last year and loved it, there was something for everyone, you can read our review here.

Since we visited they have opened a new Ben 10 Ride, I sent my sister along to test it out as she happens to live in Tamworth and is this is what she thought:

Ben 10 Ultimate Mission.
The new Ben 10 ride at Drayton manor is a great ride……..for kids.
After being on the ride (being 21 myself) I found that even that what I thought it lacked in speed and variety a child or young adult that its meant for may not. But with that, the build up to the ride was extremely good.
As you enter the Ben 10 ride you enter into a dark tunnel almost with lots of green lights until you reach a roundabout of touch screen generators and life size models of aliens on the walls surrounding, I notice that a lot of the children were enjoying playing with the screens and looking at the aliens. Passing this and continuing on the tunnel you will notice yourself passing the where you entered through the same dark tunnel and green lights up to the a open area which is a great picture opportunity as the models of aliens are on the ground for you to have a look and have pictures etc. More green lights direct you to a staircase which brings you to the start of the ride.
The ride starts of great, as you don’t expect instead of going forward you find yourself going backwards and stopping at a almost 80c angle in the air looking at the ground and surroundings, I found this very daunting but I was quickly relieved as the ride ploughed forward at a steady speed and after a few loops and twists you are again pulled up to a halt this time you are handing backwards, and again I found this very daunting but once more as the ride returned to its path and you enjoy the ride backward back to the start if the ride.
I thought the ride was slightly repetitive, slow and very short not just compared to other rides that Drayton Manor have to offer. With such a great entrance to ride I found myself slightly disappointed but as the ride is intended for children I think that its most suitable for them and think they would really enjoy it.

Drayton Manor have just launched their entertainment for the summer holidays Daredevil Divers!!

Their shows will feature up to 70 different dives, including an assortment of Olympic and synchronised team dives, crazy clown comic dives, as well as an extreme fire dive where the brave stuntman sets himself alight, with flames burning at 800 degrees Celsius, before diving in the pool to cool off.

The dive shows, which are sponsored by 102.2 Capital FM, will take place near to the park’s G-Force rollercoaster and there will be three shows per day at 12pm, 2pm and 4pm.

If that wasn't enough the new Drayton Manor Hotel opens in August so you can play and stay!

You can find full details about Drayton Manor on their website

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