Monday, 18 July 2011

Toy Review - Tildo Noah’s Ark from John Crane

Tildo Noah’s Ark

Mr and Mrs Noah with six pairs of animals and one pair of doves Animals and figures can be stored inside ark. The top half of the ark attaches to the base with magnets Gentle rocking motion

Price:  £26.99

Available from:  Several online retailers and shops. See stockists list

Suitable from:  3+

Initial Reaction: Looks lovely. BG was really excited to play with it.

  • Bright
  • Well made
  • Easy to use
  • Mr and Mrs Noah, the Doves and the top half of the boat have magnets to keep the on top the boat.
  • Good amount of animals
  • Keeps BG entertained for ages
  • Ready to play with straight out of the box

  • Would be nice for all the animals to have magnets on them.

Value for money? Yes, it’s a well made wooden toy that will last for years.

Overall Reaction:  This is a real big hit in our house. It came ready to play and play is what BG did for hours! She loves walking the animals in and out of the boat through the little door in the side but she also just plays with the animals.

You can take the top off for quick storage of the animals, which BG also likes doing. She makes sure they are in their pairs instead of throwing them. I thinks the only toy we have where we still have all the pieces. 

The only suggestion I have is that all the animals have magnets so they can stand up on the deck BG gets really frustrated when they fall down.

Overall a great toy.
By Carol

John Crane sponsored me to attend Cybermummy this does not effect my views on the toy. 

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