Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Ways I have earned money (as I no longer work?!) since having my kids

I have been very busy earning money over the last 6 years of ‘not working’

  • I have sold old books on Amazon
  • Sold old highchairs, clothes bundles, cots and buggies on eBay
  • I have sold my second hand baby /child stuff at NCT sales
  • I have done online surveys
  • I have done a very occasional lecture/teaching day on a freelance basis for m y old job
  • I have done TONNES of car boot stalls
  • I have run a Tiny talk baby signing business  1 morning per week – which I then sold for profit
  • I have written a book and had it published
  • I have been involved in market research groups
  • I have mystery shopped
  • I have developed my blog which now features the occasional sponsored post
  • I have marked essays for my old work place on a freelance basis

You're totally worth it, but I'm a bit tired!

It’s a busy life being a stay at home mum!!!   In fact I know very few stay at home mums who don’t have to earn money.
I remember talking about this with my lovely mum and saying it seemed so unfair that it was so hard to manage on one wage these days. She laughed and said it’s always been hard, people were just less materialistic years ago and didn’t expect so much or desire so much. She told me she had done many things to afford to be a stay at home mum, hand sewing, stuffing envelopes, offering childcare. Sounds familiar!
What do you do to earn a bit extra?

By Becky at Baby Budgeting 

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  1. Used to make everything we ate from scratch, used to make all the children's clothes, didn't own a freezer or automatic washing machine. Only one car, of course. Everyone was in the same boat as most of us stayed at home to look after children, then.


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