Saturday, 30 July 2011

Win £4000 for your Community Project with Dairylea

Dairylea have launched a Campaign for Simple Fun which aims to help encourage parents to revive the memories and fun times from their own childhood for their kids today.

Over the next six months, the team at Dairylea will be providing ways to help parents bring to life the simplest of pleasures. will become a forum dedicated to play where parents can share memories, and child experts, such as Tim Gill, will host ‘chats’ on play. There will be weekly competitions with prizes that all the family can enjoy as well as tips and advice on easy ways to create simple fun.

What’s more, to help parents bring the simple pleasures to life for their children this summer, the team at Dairylea is launching The Dairylea Community Fund to offer parents the chance to win £4,000 to help fund a fun community project in their local area. Parents will be able to apply for the Dairylea Community Fund by posting their wishes for the money and will be judged by Childhood Play Expert Tim Gill, a guest mummy blogger and the Dairylea team.

DJ and mum of three Sara Cox is backing the campaign with Dairylea.
Speaking about the campaign, Sara says,

“As a busy mum of three, I know how hard it can be to find the time to get back to basics with play! After a long day, I know that it can be tough to think of games and ideas for the kids, and the telly can often win out in the battle for their attention. That’s why I am supporting the Dairylea Campaign for Simple Fun.”

Find out more about the campaign visit the Dairylea Facebook Page.

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