Friday, 26 August 2011

12 Maison Boo Organic Chamomile and Geranium Foaming Cleansers To Be Won

Today's giveaway is from Maison Boo who sell the most divine Organic Baby Products. I'm not sure what I like most their products or their story!

This is unconventional. Forget the usual “Mother of three sits round the kitchen table and creates products for her kids” company story. Instead think more along the lines of “Three men and a baby (or two!)”, as Maison Boo is the brainchild of twin brothers and their great university friend, all pooling their ideas and different expertise to solve a puzzle.
 It all started when twins Hamzah and Hassan met Wakas while studying a mix of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Business. After becoming good friends, they graduated, started work, married and gradually settled down into family life. Wakas and Hamzah both had baby daughters who suffered, as many babies do, with eczema. They noticed that when using conventional baby products, their daughters’ delicate and sensitive skin reacted badly and the eczema would worsen. So as scientists tend to do, they asked “Why?” After researching the ingredient listings on the baby products in their bathrooms (and subsequently in their local stores) they were horrified to find that most of them contained chemicals such as parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulphate.
Being chemists they were aware that these are commonly used ingredients within car wash detergents, industrial cleaners and PVC windows, and so the eczema and skin aggravation made sense. They were incredulous that such potentially harmful ingredients were so readily used in products for newborn skin, and vowed to find an alternative.
Maison Boo was born: a partnership between Hamzah, Wakas and Hassan. Hamzah had always been interested in good quality natural ingredients since he first visited his family farms and helped grow sugar cane, oranges, mangos and a range of vegetables using completely traditional, all organic methods. Maison Boo had strong principles and soon found the perfect organic experts on a farm in rural Staffordshire to help them make their creations into a reality.

I have 12 Maison Boo Organic Chamomile and Geranium Foaming Cleansers to giveaway.

To enter fill in the foam below and tell me what Maison Boo product you would most like to try. 

Closing Date is Wednesday 14th September

Good Luck 

*One Entry Per Household
*No Cash Alternative Offered
*Open to Residents of the UK Only 


  1. Oooh, I just saw that I won this - thanks so much!


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