Tuesday, 9 August 2011

50 ideas for a super summer; fun on a budget with under 5’s

Becky from baby budgeting had just released her final fun a on a budget ebook and it’s all about fun in the summer. 

It is full of ideas for arts and crafts, books, songs, recipes and play. You’ll never be bored again. Aimed largely at under fives lots of these ideas can be adapted for older children too. They will cost nothing or very little and should really inspire you . 

Here is a little taster from the ebook:
 Ladybirds and Garden Snakes

Painting stones is a lovely thing to do it involves walking and exploring, collecting and crafting it and can take hours all of it filled with lovely togetherness. Flat stones are the easiest to paint and fairly large ones too but don’t let that stop you. Do let your child pick whatever they wish they will soon learn which surfaces are easiest to handle. 
Here are some tips

  1. Clean your stone well or your paint won’t stick and let it dry.
  2. Make sure its standing on lots of newspaper!
  3. Decide which animal you want and make a plan.
  4. Have a paintbrush for each colour (always the easiest option)
  5. Keep it simple.
  6. Varnishing when you have finished will preserve the paint.


Intricate detail is hard for little ones and hard on stones. I’ve tried adding googly eyes in the past but they don’t stick to well  a white painted circle with an inner blue or black blobs works great. A ladybird is simply red with black dots and 2 eyes

Garden Snakes

Garden snakes, 5 small stones attached by tape underneath painted green with eyes on the first stone look fab. You could also paint a little twig red and use it as a tongue.  You could place this in the grass and scare visitors!.

A lovely ebook indeed!

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