Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Bookmark It – LittleBird

Love deals? Then you will love LittleBird.

In early 2009, LittleBird founders Sarah and Naomi came together to help launch a campaign to save a local, much loved playcentre, where they saw how brilliantly mums can work together. Soon after they came across the concept of social buying, people buying together to save together. They loved the simplicity of the idea and thought it would be great to be able to benefit from family-friendly offers.

LittleBird brings you great deals for fabulous places for the whole family to enjoy!

How does it work?

Recent offers includes 50% off a child’s Annual ticket to Lee Valley Family Farm and a Family Ticket to Battersea Farm for £12 which is 54% saving!

Sign up now and they will send you a £5 voucher for Prezzy Box.

You can also follow them on twitter and find them on Facebook.

Bookmark It now and save, save, save!

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