Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Children's Book Review - My Terrific Tractor Book

My Terrific Tractor Book

Price:  £7.99

Available from:  Sainsbury’s  

Initial Reaction: Oh dear it makes a noise!


  • Packed full of information
  • Good pictures
  • Has a button which makes a tractor sound
  • Sturdy

  • None

Value for money? Average

Overall Reaction:  This is one of BG’s favourite books; her Granddad is a farmer so she is obsessed with tractors. It has loads of information and is set out really well.  
Great book for tractor fans 

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  1. i was just about to tell twitter about this amazing book and i came across this review. My son is tractor mad and we read this book several times a day. it's brilliant. he has pulled the tractor off that slides in and out though.

    absolutely fantastic book.


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